Monday, August 16, 2010

My First Day on the Road

We weren't on the road for long before we stopped in CT for a little visit to the Hall of the Lost Tribes at the Mohegan Sun Casino.  While Cheryl and Pete (Nana and Bubba in Noah-speak) tried to increase their vacation fund, I passed my time waiting for the big event: Cirque de Solei's show at Foxwoods. 

Cheryl said she had been scalped, but it seemed to me that Pete is the one lacking hair on his head.  I don't get it. 

Still, it was sort of fun to watch all those cards come and go on the video poker machine.

The Cirque show was great!  Other than my fellow stuffed animals, I've never seen anyone able to bend into the contortions the performers were able to execute during the show.  Cheryl said that the show paled in comparison to the Cirque shows in Vegas.  While I spent most of the time in Cheryl's purse, I was able to hear Debbie Gibson's singing- and sometimes wished I couldn't.

We spent a comfortable evening at the Two Trees Hotel to prepare for the next leg of our trip.

This morning, we were up bright and early for the drive to our next stop: Ithaca, New York.  While the weather forecasters were predicting doom and gloom for the day, it turned out to be a beautiful day!  We passed an exit for the Promised Land, and I became a little worried that Pete and Cheryl may have brought me along on the trip to provide an early exit to the Happy Farmland in the Sky. 

After an eight hour road trip, we arrived in Ithaca this afternoon.  We checked into our hotel, then Cheryl and Pete took me for a tour of Cornell University's campus.  I was psyched about meeting the admissions officer, but my hopes were dashed when I learned that Cornell doesn't accept donkeys.  However, my spirits were lifted when I learned that I might have a better chance becoming one of the Colby College (where Noah's Uncle Mike went to school) mules.

Guess "any person" doesn't include donkeys...  Ho, hum.

Tomorrow's agenda includes more sightseeing in the Finger Lakes region.  I can hardly wait!

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