Friday, August 20, 2010

The Windy City, Day 1

I'm not sure if we lost or gained an hour, but we were up and out by 7:30 Thursday morning.  Thanks to the Go Chicago pass, we saw quite a few of the tourist attractions in the area.  First, we took a Grey Line tour and visited the conservatory  at Lincoln Park. Then we whirled around Wrigley Field. Since there was a game in progress, (and I won't pay the price to see anyone other than the Red Sox), we kept on moving after a brief stop outside of Wrigley.

Since there was a game going on, there wasn't much I could see other than the outside of the stadium!

 Later, we took a cruise along the Chicago River, learned about the architecture and then walked along Navy  Pier. 

Then, we took a water taxi too the "tower formerly  known as the Sears Tower."  Hee-Haw!!!!  What a view! 

This is me on the glass floor overlooking the streets of Chicago.  Cheryl was real cute.  Since she couldn't handle the height, she threw me out there as the sacrificial donkey (insert appropriate synonym for donkey).

You can imagine my terror when I was subjected to posing in the window!  Next trip, I sewing suction cups to my hooves.

Who knows what they have in store for me on Friday?

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