Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Whirlwind Visit to Toronto

On Wednesday, Cheryl and Pete took me for a visit to Toronto.  It seems that these two are stuck on trolley rides, boat rides, and visits to tall buildings, so we set off for a day's worth of the same.

Our day began with a tour of the city on top of a double decker trolley bus.  Toronto's low underpasses made  going under bridges an adventure for the humans on board, but I had nothing to worry about...
...Still,  I must admit that I enjoyed being out on the boat much better.  There were no worries about heads rolling there!

At the CN Tower, I made friends with a couple of members of the local law enforcement: 

I got the number for their Human Resources office, as it seems there are a lot of job opportunities for animals in the mounted police.

We had a great view of the city from a cozy table at the restaurant on the observation deck.  Once again, Cheryl subjected me to a closer view of the city, but I'm getting used to it. 
At least she gave me a glass of water for my troubles, and...

I got to play a few video games as a reward for being a good sport!
We called it an early evening so that Noah's Nana and Grandpa could get a good night's rest for the long drive home on Thursday.  I can't believe my adventure will soon be over!

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