Friday, August 27, 2010

The Journey Ends

We left Toronto early Thursday morning for a long ride home.  I have to say I was glad to see the "Welcome to Massachusetts" sign...

...but, like Robert Frost, I still had "miles to go before I <could> sleep."

After a 12 hour day, we arrived home too late to see anyone else in the house, so I could hardly wait to see Noah this morning.  I think he may have missed me!

Later, I got to fill in Noah's favorite Eeyore on all the details of my trip.  For the first time I noticed how hard life as the "real" Eeyore can be for my counterpart.  He's the one on the right...the scrawny one.

All in all, I had a great trip and I hope I get to go on another adventure with Noah's Nana and Grandpa in the future!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Whirlwind Visit to Toronto

On Wednesday, Cheryl and Pete took me for a visit to Toronto.  It seems that these two are stuck on trolley rides, boat rides, and visits to tall buildings, so we set off for a day's worth of the same.

Our day began with a tour of the city on top of a double decker trolley bus.  Toronto's low underpasses made  going under bridges an adventure for the humans on board, but I had nothing to worry about...
...Still,  I must admit that I enjoyed being out on the boat much better.  There were no worries about heads rolling there!

At the CN Tower, I made friends with a couple of members of the local law enforcement: 

I got the number for their Human Resources office, as it seems there are a lot of job opportunities for animals in the mounted police.

We had a great view of the city from a cozy table at the restaurant on the observation deck.  Once again, Cheryl subjected me to a closer view of the city, but I'm getting used to it. 
At least she gave me a glass of water for my troubles, and...

I got to play a few video games as a reward for being a good sport!
We called it an early evening so that Noah's Nana and Grandpa could get a good night's rest for the long drive home on Thursday.  I can't believe my adventure will soon be over!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mackinac Island

On Monday, we hopped on the ferry for a brief trip over Lake Huron to Mackinac Island.  Cheryl and Pete said it was like taking a step back into the past because there are no motor vehicles allowed on the island.  To get to the sights, we would be using horse-drawn carriages.  I was relieved to hear that donkeys are not employed in the carriage trade, as there were some pretty hefty tourists getting off the ferries that day!

The view looking to the front of the carriage....

...paled in comparison to the side views!

After a tour of the town below, we drove to the upper levels of the town to our first stop: a butterfly museum.  I was soooo happy!  In case you were not aware of the fact, I love butterflies.  In fact, that green piece of cloth you've seen flapping in my portraits is the remnant of the butterfly torn from my grasp by the other toys in my toybox!

That's me, breaking the law and touching "Lilly the Turtle" outside the museum.  Our complexions match, don't you think?

Moving on with tour, we arrived at Fort Mackinac, where we learned about the lives of earlier settlers.  The view of the golf course below was awesome!
We completed our tour of the island at a local watering hole, where we relaxed until the return ferry arrived to take us back to the mainland.  It seemed fitting that we finish off the day at The Pink Pony!

As we bade farewell to island, I heard Cheryl and Pete discussing the next day's adventure...a day long car trip to the final stop before returning home later this week.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mackinaw City and Points North

While it had taken us almost 12 hours to get to Mackinaw City the day before, we spent as much time driving to some of the mainland attractions on Sunday. For those of you who have yet to visit the area, Mackinaw City is located at the northern point of  Michagan's main the southern side of the bridge that connects the Michigan peninusla to the mainland.  The bridge is five miles long, and spans the Staits of Mackinac between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.

 First on the agenda was Fort Michilimackinac in Mackinaw City.  The fort played a significant role in the French and Indian War.  As we toured the trader's post, I wasn't sure as to whether Cheryl and Pete had ulterior motives for taking me along for the trip,  When they took me in to the building where animal furs and skins were traded in Colonial years, I became just a littttttttle nervous:

When Cheryl had had enough of the history stuff, we headed north (over the bridge) to the Michigan Peninusla, for lunch in Paradise (no kidding) and a visit to the Whitefish Point Lighthouse and the Shipwreck Museum, located at Michigan's northern most pont on  the shores of Lake Superior.  At this museum, we saw artifacts from several wrecks (most notably, the Edmund Fitzgerald) and we enjoyed the beautiful scenery, too.

Before heading back to Mackinaw for the evening, we made one more stop at the locks between the US and Canadian border to watch a boat navigate the channel between Lake Superior and Lake Huron.

So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright....Hello Michigan

On Saturday morning, we checked out of the hotel and headed for one last attraction before leaving Chicago.  In Chicago's Oak Park section, Cheryl and Pete visited Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio. 
Since animal's and pictures were not allowed inside of the buildings, I had to settle for a view through the windows...(Frank Lloyd designed, of course). 

We set off for another long road trip to our next stop: Mackinaw City, Michigan.  We arrived in time for a late dinner at Dixie's Saloon.  It was understood that carving one's name is a tradition at this establishment, I carved my name in to the table.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ahoy Maties!

Friday began with a walk to Navy Pier.  Once there, we boarded the tall ship Windy for a cruise on Lake Michigan.  Pirate stories entertained the kids on board, but I was more concerned about not being blown away.  I stayed close to the life rafts...just in case.

It was a beautiful day for a sail!

Later, we boarded the double decker trolley to go over to Museum Park.  The tour guide seemed like he was pulling in some good tips, so I thought I'd try to get a piece of the action...

When we got to the Shed Aquarium, I thought Cheryl was going to feed me to the sharks...
...but instead she treated me to a great dolphin show before we all headed out to dinner.

Over nachos, I heard Pete and Cheryl talking about checking out in the I guess we hit the road again tomorrow.  Wonder where we're headed????

The Windy City, Day 1

I'm not sure if we lost or gained an hour, but we were up and out by 7:30 Thursday morning.  Thanks to the Go Chicago pass, we saw quite a few of the tourist attractions in the area.  First, we took a Grey Line tour and visited the conservatory  at Lincoln Park. Then we whirled around Wrigley Field. Since there was a game in progress, (and I won't pay the price to see anyone other than the Red Sox), we kept on moving after a brief stop outside of Wrigley.

Since there was a game going on, there wasn't much I could see other than the outside of the stadium!

 Later, we took a cruise along the Chicago River, learned about the architecture and then walked along Navy  Pier. 

Then, we took a water taxi too the "tower formerly  known as the Sears Tower."  Hee-Haw!!!!  What a view! 

This is me on the glass floor overlooking the streets of Chicago.  Cheryl was real cute.  Since she couldn't handle the height, she threw me out there as the sacrificial donkey (insert appropriate synonym for donkey).

You can imagine my terror when I was subjected to posing in the window!  Next trip, I sewing suction cups to my hooves.

Who knows what they have in store for me on Friday?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Long Day on the Road

Greetings from the Windy City!

We left Ithaca at 7:45 this morning, and made it to Chicago at around 9:30 EST.  The good news is that we've gained an hour; the bad news is that it makes little difference in terms of how tired we all are.

Cheryl and Pete didn't tell me where we were headed.  They just told me to expect to go through at least two states whose names begin and end in vowels.  English teachers: get a life!

Aside from driving, and stopping for lunch and dinner, there's not much to report...EXCEPT, I had my first driving lesson!

"So,ten miles above the speed limit is okay?"

As the sun set over a nearby truck stop, we readied ourselves for our next stop:
Oprah town!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cayuga Country

When the man likes Starbucks, and the woman likes Dunkin' Donuts, can true happiness be found? 

The answer is:  I think so.  At least, this morning's adventure says yes.  Pete got his Starbucks and Cheryl got her Dunkin's and we headed off for an early morning visit to Cornell's Plantations for a tour of the arboretum. While there, we ran in to a distant relative:

I wasn't kidding when I said "distant."

Later, we visited the overlook at Taughannock Falls.  I don't remember ever seeing anything like this in the 100 Acres Woods!

If you can't see the waterfall in the background, think Niagara a trickle.

Next on the itinerary:  Cayuga Lake's Winery Tour!   We visited a couple of establishments, and then headed to a lakeside restaurant for lunch.   By that time, I considered myself a wine expert, but I think earlier wine tasting may have influenced my opinion:

I think I may have had a few too many sips because...

         ...I had a little headache before our lunch was through!

Before I knew it, I was riding shotgun with my ears flappin' in the breeze.  Heeeee Hawwwww!

Tomorrow we hit the road again....headed north.  From what I hear, I'll have the whole day to recover!

Monday, August 16, 2010

My First Day on the Road

We weren't on the road for long before we stopped in CT for a little visit to the Hall of the Lost Tribes at the Mohegan Sun Casino.  While Cheryl and Pete (Nana and Bubba in Noah-speak) tried to increase their vacation fund, I passed my time waiting for the big event: Cirque de Solei's show at Foxwoods. 

Cheryl said she had been scalped, but it seemed to me that Pete is the one lacking hair on his head.  I don't get it. 

Still, it was sort of fun to watch all those cards come and go on the video poker machine.

The Cirque show was great!  Other than my fellow stuffed animals, I've never seen anyone able to bend into the contortions the performers were able to execute during the show.  Cheryl said that the show paled in comparison to the Cirque shows in Vegas.  While I spent most of the time in Cheryl's purse, I was able to hear Debbie Gibson's singing- and sometimes wished I couldn't.

We spent a comfortable evening at the Two Trees Hotel to prepare for the next leg of our trip.

This morning, we were up bright and early for the drive to our next stop: Ithaca, New York.  While the weather forecasters were predicting doom and gloom for the day, it turned out to be a beautiful day!  We passed an exit for the Promised Land, and I became a little worried that Pete and Cheryl may have brought me along on the trip to provide an early exit to the Happy Farmland in the Sky. 

After an eight hour road trip, we arrived in Ithaca this afternoon.  We checked into our hotel, then Cheryl and Pete took me for a tour of Cornell University's campus.  I was psyched about meeting the admissions officer, but my hopes were dashed when I learned that Cornell doesn't accept donkeys.  However, my spirits were lifted when I learned that I might have a better chance becoming one of the Colby College (where Noah's Uncle Mike went to school) mules.

Guess "any person" doesn't include donkeys...  Ho, hum.

Tomorrow's agenda includes more sightseeing in the Finger Lakes region.  I can hardly wait!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Journey Begins...

It's not easy being the back-up- unless you're Tom Brady.

My whole life has been devoted to being the back up.  I've always been the back up friend to Pooh, because Tigger is his best friend.  Now, in my stuffed animal state, I am the back up to another version of myself.

You see, my owner (Noah) is extremely attached to my twin version.  I came into the picture as an emergency Eeyore to use in case his favorite was lost.  Fat chance that's going to happen! So for the most part, I've spent my life in the toy box, waiting for my chance to play in the game.

Today, however, I am being rewarded for my patience.  I (me! moi!) will be going on vacation with Noah's grandparents.  They have this crazy idea of creating a book, "Eeyore's Summer Vacation" for their grandson.  I'll be going on a road trip with them and having my picture taken at various tourist attractions along the way. 

Yeah...I know.  They'll probably pretend that I'm the "real" thing, but that's okay.  I'm getting away from my routine, seeing the real world and creating my own blog to look back upon when I return to my normal routine.

And so...

The journey begins.